Sample Online Stores for Schools

EntourageGO offers schools and school organizations an exciting new service that has never been offered before, dedicated online school stores with customizable products. You can request to set up a new store for FREE and be able to create products, list them online and raise funds for your organization in few simple steps. The following is a list of sample school, sports team and club stores and how they benefit their organizations.

Sample School Store

Online School Store

With a dedicated school store you can now list all of the products you sell in school securely online. The school store features
  • Easy product management
  • High levels of user security
  • Dedicated support staff to help your school
  • Create new products online
  • Receive daily reports on orders and funds raised
  • Reduce the need to have to handle checks and cash in school
  • Receive large percentage of sales for fundraising
Sample School Store

Online Sports Team Store

EntourageGO also offers dedicated online stores for sports teams and student clubs. You can create, list and sell products from your organization easily online and raise more funds with less work! Your online school store is great for the sale of:
  • Event tickets
  • Invitations
  • Awards like trophies
  • Collecting organization dues

To Request a Dedicated Online Store For Your Organization

You can request to have your own school set up by email us at  Or fill out the following online form to receive more information about how EntourageGO can serve your school communinty.

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